Star Ocean – Square Enix’s Most Underrated Role-Playing Game

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Square Enix is an expert when it comes to role-playing games, and millions of players have one or more of its games in their gaming library. The studio is synonymous with Final Fantasy, as everyone thinks of the popular RPG series when they hear the name Square Enix. However, the Tokyo-based company has enriched the world of gaming with dozens of other games that are just as good as Final Fantasy. One of these games is Star Ocean: the RPG series that offers players hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Overall, Star Ocean titles offer players the complete RPG experience. There are several playable characters with different abilities, the graphics are amazing, and its treasure hunts are pretty rewarding. It is not like playing online casino games such as Mythic Maiden, of course, but those who participate in the Star Ocean in-game activities will earn rewards that will help them develop their roster of heroes.

In every Star Ocean title, there are space knights, and there are bombardiers, there are characters using spells, there are healers, and last but not least, there are characters who have mystical powers. Maxing out the abilities of every character will keep you busy for much longer than you can imagine, and this makes the gaming return on investment worth the purchase price of the game.

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The Reason for Star Ocean’s Unpopularity

The Star Ocean gaming audience has always been smaller than the audience of competing RPGs like Final Fantasy. The reason for that is that a couple of series of instalments were not as good as players would have wanted. For example, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness received mixed reviews because of the technical issues which players experienced while playing.

These bugs made it hard for players to enjoy the amazing storyline of the game. The lessons learned from the Integrity and Faithlessness experience have acted as a foundation for the development of The Divine Force: the latest Star Ocean title, which promises to sell more copies than any other Star Ocean game.

High Hopes After the Release of the Demo

The 9th generation of gaming is about to become a lot richer, as the release of Star Ocean: The Divine Force is going to bring the franchise into the next-gen era of gaming. Those who have played the Star Ocean demo were amazed by the gaming experience and most of them are looking forward to playing the actual game. Purchasing the game will not come cheap of course, but most modern games cost more or less the same amount.

A Game That Shows Great Promise

The first impression players have gotten after playing The Divine Force, is that the game is a lot better than its predecessors. It may be the seven-year anticipation talking, but if you have given the demo a try, then you will probably have something similar to say. The problem with long-to-beat RPGs is that certain bug issues cannot be avoided. This means that Square Enix may need to launch a couple of quick updates in order for the game’s functionality to get to the expected level. 

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