The Walking Dead: Always Accountable Review

The Walking Dead: Always Accountable Review 1

Another week, another episode of little to nothing happening, Always Accountable is a sea of emotions broken up with brief moments of Daryl being his usual Daryl self.

Taking place around the time the groups plan to lead the walkers away from Alexandria went to the pits, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha get separated by a group of unknown assailants forcing Daryl into the forest.  Sasha and Abraham manage to kill their attackers and opt to wait for Daryl in a nearby office, saying “you don’t track a tracker, you let him find you.” During their stay, Sasha calls Abraham out on his reckless ways, causing him to reevaluate how close he’d been living to the edge of death.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/Amc

Meanwhile, Daryl is assaulted by a small group on the run from their old camp who knock him out and take his crossbow and make him their prisoner. However, opportunity presents itself when one of his attackers goes into what I assume was diabetic shock, Daryl makes a run for it, stealing a duffle bag containing his crossbow.  When he sees that this duffle bag also contains a cooler full of insulin, Daryl rushes back just in time to save the girl and her two friends from their old crew which had come to kill them. That same girl is later eaten by zombies and as they bury her body Daryl offers the remaining two a chance to join up with him.

This was for naught for once they are out of the woods, literally and figuratively, the two turn on Daryl stealing his crossbow and his bike. When the two apologize for doing what they have to do, Daryl responds in typical Daryl fashion “You’re gonna be…” Luckily, Daryl finds a conveniently placed truck where his bike used to be, drives it back to pick up Abraham and Sasha and as they radio home, some unknown voice on the other end of the walkie says “Help!”

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/Amc
The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Overall, it’s been a pretty boring scene. We essentially see Abraham going through the same “edge of life” crisis that Sasha went through last season, so it really feels like they’re treading the same emotional ground. The only saving facet is they didn’t stretch it out for an entire season as he seems to figure his life out pretty quick. And while Daryl’s parts are more action heavy and help pad out a lot of the emotions, you never feel like he’s in any real danger because: he’s Daryl. You know what to expect with him, the selfless, emotionally complex badass who, with Glen totally dead, is the only reason 90% of the fan base is still watching this. I know this is all building to the big reveal of Neagan, but waiting a week for an hour of build is starting to get old.

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