Who Will Be the Next Robin?

Who Will Be the Next Robin?

Unless you are an internet ninja, you know that Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and the most recent Robin, is dead.

This has left a giant-sized hole in the Dark Knight’s world and there has been no word on how DC plans to fill it — but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate! I have compiled a list of the characters who could possibly strap on the prestigious tights of Batman’s sidekick and done my best to handicap their chances. So read on, and see if you agree with my picks for who should be the next Robin.

Who it Won’t Be:

Nightwing.jpgDick Grayson/Nightwing

Even though he is the most recognizable and famous of Batman’s former Boy Wonders, Dick Grayson is an adult and a bona fide hero in his own right. Current writer Kyle Higgins has moved the character out of Gotham City to Chicago, so I give this possibility 0% chance of happening.

Jason Todd/Red Hood

The last Robin to die, and coincidentally come back to life, is much less established than his other former compatriots. However, his solo title has gotten a new writer, a new creative direction, and he is also too old to slip back into the gold, green and red. The only glimmer of hope for Mr. Todd is that Batman might feel the need to make up for past mistakes, but still I’m only giving this a 10% chance of happening.

The Maybe So’s:

Tim Drake/Red Robin

Tim is the real wildcard of all the former Boy Wonders because apparently, in the DC New 52 continuity, he was never technically Robin. He does have his own title – he’s the lead in the Teen Titans – but making him Robin wouldn’t necessitate a name change for that book or the events happening there. So, they may see this as a way to right their narrative wrongs, but it could also be construed as the company moving backward instead of forward. He is the first real contender for the role, but I’m only giving it a 25% chance of happening.

Helena Wayne/Huntress

I truly believe the next Boy Wonder won’t be a boy at all, and Helena is a very logical fit. She was Robin on Earth-2 and the child of that dimension’s Bruce Wayne. The book she currently stars in, the underappreciated World’s Finest, is not selling well and with a Batman/Superman book on the way, may feel redundant. It would be a perfect way to keep her relevant in the current DCU and have an already established and trained character take up the mantle. She would be a stellar choice for the role, but her character has seemed unwilling to even meet her Earth Prime “father,” and so it still only feels like it has a 30% chance of happening.


Stephanie Brown

Even though she doesn’t currently exist in New 52 continuity, the waffle-loving, Tim Drake-dating, pre-Flashpoint Batgirl is still one of the most talked about characters in all of comics. There are many people who have lamented the loss of her wit, charm, and silliness from the DCU, and making her Robin would be an interesting and organic way of reinstating her into the world. It would take time to re-establish her in the world, but she has a big following, a history of filling the position and a peppy attitude to offset the dour Caped Crusader. I wouldn’t be surprised to see DC make this move, and I’m giving it a very respectable 65% chance of happening.

The Most Likely

Harper Row

Girlgirl.jpgThe writing is on the wall for this to come to pass. The character was created by current Batman writer and comic book rock star Scott Snyder. His clout has been growing over at DC and I think Snyder wants to leave a lasting legacy on the Bat-Family of books. He reshaped a character into a villain in Detective Comics: The Black Mirror, he created an iconic new bad guy in The Court of Owls, and the next step is to place a new hero into the pantheon. Harper is capable, hyper-intelligent, and she has a sympathy for the underprivileged and forgotten. Her character might not be combat ready, but that doesn’t mean ole’ Bruce couldn’t whip her into shape. This choice just makes too much sense for DC not to pull the trigger. Nothing is ever guaranteed, however, so I’m laying the odds at an 85% chance of happening.

So how did I do? Do you agree? Vehemently disagree? Did I leave anyone out? Let me know!

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