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Shogun 2: Total War 8

Total War: Shogun 2 E3 2010 Preview

Strategy games, real-time or otherwise, have been on something of a downturn in recent years. The emphasis on putting players in first person, “right in

Vanquish Preview 3

Vanquish E3 2010 Preview

The new game from Shinji Mikami, Vanquish, takes the standard cover based shooter and gives it a Japanese flavor. The kinetic look and feel of

Tron: Evolution Bring On The Neon

Tron: Evolution Bring On The Neon

Invoking the name Tron amongst Generation X provokes inevitable conversation with buzz words like “Master Control Program”, “Light Cycles”, “Recognizers” and, for the dedicated fan,

Epic Mickey: Building a Better Mouse - 2010-07-01 06:19:00

Epic Mickey: Building a Better Mouse

In the year 2028, Mickey Mouse will have been entertaining children for 100 years. That means the mouse that built an entertainment empire has already

Ghost Projekt Interview

Things are Getting Spooky on the Ghost Projekt

Seven years ago, the Coalition of the Willing casually toppled Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard. Although the battle for Baghdad was relatively uneventful, the Western World

Dragonica Online Interview 7

Dragonica Brings an Online Adventure

Dragonica Online is a free-to-play MMORPG that stands out for being one part epic fantasy quest and one part Saturday morning cartoon.

EZ Street Introduces Gripping Story

In 2008, artist Mark Wheatley and co-scripter Robert Tinnell joined forces to create the Harvey Award-nominated online comic, EZ Street.

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