Genshin Impact Guide: Top 4 Cryo Characters

Genshin Impact Guide: Top 3 Cryo Characters 6

The element of Cryo is fascinating within the world of Genshin Impact. All playable characters who have Cryo Vision have a duality or contradiction they are struggling with. As an element, Cryo is powerful and versatile. In fact, we would rank it just below Pyro which has the highest damage. This explains why some of the best DPS units in the game belong to this element.

Cryo status in Genshin Impact is a bit like putting things on ice. It can be applied to objects like ores, thunder woods, thunder dwellings, and Baron Bunny, and can allow certain reactions to occur that wouldn’t normally happen. So if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you have to keep track of, just remember that you can always put some of them on ice.

With such an exciting element, it is due time we broke down the best Genshin Impact characters that take advantage of it, diving into what could be your next top build for the game.


Genshin Impact Guide: Top 4 Cryo Characters

Being the first non-Archon unit to break the game, there was no way Ganyu would not make the list. She was insanely strong, to the point that she felt like a power creep. For a long time, she remained the strongest DPS in the game. Even today, she’s still one of the strongest units around, and no one dares question that.

You can use her as both main-carry or sub-dps. Her E skill has a taunt function which makes her easier to use as a bow unit. Her elemental burst covers a wide area and does tons of AoE damage. She’s simple to build and you can use her as both support and dps at the same time. Her 2nd Level Charged Shot also has an AoE damage effect which eliminates her weakness of being a single-target damage dealer due to her being a bow unit.


Genshin Impact Guide: Top 3 Cryo Characters 1

Qiqi is the game’s first 5-star dedicated healer, and she’s a standard banner unit. While she tends to get a lot of hate, she does make the game easier for casual players who don’t want to deal with taking damage. She scales off of Max ATK, so you can also reliably use her to deal damage while she’s on-field. Her C6 can revive all fallen party members, which is godly. She’s easy to build and use. Her healing is lifesaving, so why not give her a try.

We all know that Qiqi is the best Cryo healer in Genshin Impact. But what makes her so special? Is it her powerful healing abilities? Or is it something else entirely? Few characters in Genshin Impact can match Qiqi when it comes to healing. But she does have other skills besides just healing. Even so, she is still the best Cryo healer in the game. If you’re looking for someone who can keep your party alive and kicking, Qiqi is undoubtedly your best bet.


Genshin Impact Guide: Top 3 Cryo Characters 2

Diona may be small, but she is a powerful Cryo unit who can shield and heal. If you don’t have Zhongli, she is the best character to build for a shield in the late game. Qiqi may have powerful healing abilities, but Diona is more versatile. Diona can fire Cryo missiles, create shields with her Icy Paws skill, heal and deal damage with her Signature Mix burst, and she’s also an archer. If you build towards crits and give her the Favonius Warbow, she’ll be able to generate lots of energy for the party while staying at a safe distance and firing off Icy Paws.


Genshin Impact Guide: Top 3 Cryo Characters 3

Shenhe is a warrior of unparalleled skill, and despite being raised by the Adepti of Liyue she is entirely human. A Cryo Polearm user, Shenhe’s Icy Quills and Elemental Burst are immensely powerful, and she is able to greatly amplify the damage of her teammates with her Cryo damage.

Shenhe is not only good at buffing the Cryo damage dealt by your party, but also reducing enemy resistances to both Cryo and Physical damage. This makes her an excellent choice for any party that wants to deal a lot of damage.

Shenhe is one of the best characters in the game, full stop. If you’re looking at characters based on their design or personality, then Shenhe has got you covered. In terms of story, she’s also a great character to get invested in.

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