Genshin Impact Guide: Where to Find and Buy Valberry

Genshin Impact Guide: Where to find and buy Valberry 2

Valberry is a strange berry that is vital for any player in Genshin Impact. The reason for the demand is as simple – all characters originally from Mondstat require it to be promoted. No matter where you get it, though, one thing is for sure – Valberry is a valuable commodity in Genshin Impact.

Method 1: Farm Valberries near Mondstadt

Genshin Impact Guide: Where To Find And Buy Valberry

In total, there are 19 bushes of this plant in the game, which means that if you manage to collect 4 berries from each bush, you’ll have 76 berries in total. You can also buy 5 more berries from the merchant girl, which means that you can get a total of 81 berries. Let’s start with a direct collection, which can be done once a day.

Noelle and Lisa will need Valberries to make it to level 20, which means you’ll probably be coming up here sooner than you think. The enemies in these areas are anywhere from level 15 to 25, so watch your back.

Method 2: Buy Valberries from Chloris

Genshin Impact Guide: Where To Find And Buy Valberry 1

Once every two days, a Valberry berry-picking girl named Cloris can be found in the area below. She sells 5 dumplings for 1,000 mora each, and also has other items in her assortment that may come in handy for you. Please note that she appears there only from 6:00 to 19:00 in-game time!

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