Overwatch Lucioball Guide: How to Bend it Like Lucio 4

Overwatch Lucioball Guide: How to Bend it Like Lucio

| Aug 11, 2017

The Summer Games have started again in Overwatch and with them comes the return of Lucioball—a mode has players working together in a 3v3 mode that is reminiscent of . Players must try to shoot an overly large soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal using nothing but Lucio and his abilities.

Overwatch Lucioball Guide: How To Bend It Like Lucio 2
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With the addition of a competitive mode this year, CGM decided to share our favourite tips to help you become the best Lucioball player you can be. Now, remember, while our advice is sure to make you amazing at this mode, nothing good will come if you don’t practise. So read our tips, jump into a custom game, and rehearse everything we tell you. Who knows, maybe with our help you could end up in the Top 500 this season…

Tip 1: Communication

This might seem silly, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this. Communicating with your team is the very first step to becoming better at Lucioball. With only two other teammates, ’s important to know where everyone is and what they are doing. Knowing when somebody is leaving the net to try for a risky shot is great as you can then cover for them in case your opponents take a shot on goal. Communication also helps with your passing game. Having a teammate who is able to pass you the ball will put you leagues ahead of your average player.

Tip 2: Use every part of Lucio’s abilities

Lucio has some of the best mobility in Overwatch. Being able to wall ride and speed boost really lets Lucio get some crazy movement out of his kit—never forgot to use this. Too often players will ignore the walls and just try to run through the arena on foot. The best way to get from one side of the arena to the other is to use the jump pad up to a wall and then wall ride along it. This not only gives you a height advantage but will also help you get some speed.

Tip 3: Use your melee

Punching the ball is a good idea in Lucioball. There are no handballs in Lucioball so feel free to hit the ball with all your might. For this mode only, your shoot button will instead make Lucio punch, so you don’t have to worry about messing with your configuration to get the attack out reliably. The punch does have a shorter range than your boop but it doesn’t have a cooldown, so it’s useful for trying to position the ball into a place from which you can shoot.

With lots of practise and by keeping these three tips in mind you are well on your way to becoming a better Lucioball player!

Just don’t forget who helped coach you when you make it big.

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