Persona 5 Guide: All Endings, Good, Bad and True Ending

| April 28, 2017

As with all Persona games, Persona 5 has a series of endings you can achieve. There is a selection of bad endings, a good ending, and the true ending, that all players really want. While most of the bad endings are fairly easy to avoid — just don’t take the obvious bad dialogue option — some are a little harder and could cause you to veer onto the wrong path.

Persona 5 has three bad endings, one good ending, and a true ending. And while they are all worth seeing, it may be important to avoid seeing the other endings until after you have managed to gain the true ending due to some slight spoilers.

How to get the Persona 5 True Ending:

To get the Persona 5 true ending you need to ensure you do two major things. Firstly, in the interrogation with Sae, you need to ensure you do not turn in your friends. You must keep them safe.

The second important part is you need to play up to the game’s final dungeon, at this time Igor will give you a choice. If you agree to the choice the game gives you the “Good Ending”, but if you decline the offer, you are on the path to the “True Ending”.

How to get the bad endings in Persona 5:

  • Decline the contract offered up by Igor at the beginning of the game.
  • Fail to complete a Palace by the set deadline.
  • In the interrogation with Sae, when the timeline catches up to the game, if you turn in your friends you will be presented with a bad ending.
  • And Finally, when you fail to complete the final palace by the deadline

If you do manage to get a bad ending, the game will wind the clock back a week, giving you another shot to fix your mistakes and carry onto one of the good endings.

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