How to download and Install Apex Legends on PC

Respawn Dedicates New Vancouver Studio to Apex Legends Support

In the rise of the battle royale genres, Apex Legends made their debut back in early February of 2019. The game has come a long way since then and grew in massive popularity due to its addictive gameplay and intriguing characters. 

We will be going through a step-by-step process of installing Apex Legends, there will be multiple methods of doing this depending on the platform you will be playing on. In this case, it will be on your PC. Either way, the game is going to be free, so don’t worry about any hidden fees involving these methods.

There are multiple methods of downloading Apex Legends on your pc, the method we’ll be using is downloading it from Steam’s store page. You can click here to learn more about downloading Steam


Go onto Steam’s store page

How to download and Install Apex Legends on PC

The store page should be the first thing that pops up upon launching Steam.


Search up Apex Legends

How to download and Install Apex Legends on PC 1

On the top right of the store page, there should be a search bar. Just Search up “Apex Legends” in the search bar and it should be the first result that shows up.


Download Apex Legends

How to download and Install Apex Legends on PC 2

After clicking the first result, you will be on the preview of Apex Legends. You just need to scroll down slightly to reveal the “Play Game” button that is highlighted just below. This should bring up the “Install- Apex Legends” tab, this will be telling you if you have the required storage for the game. Clicking on Next should start the downloading process.


Enjoy Apex Legends

How to download and Install Apex Legends on PC 3

Now that everything is downloaded, you can boot up the game and you can use your Steam account as your login credentials.

With the large variety of “Legends,” there is bound to be at least one character that matches the playstyle you choose to roll with. Everything is fast-paced in Apex Legends with so many objectives to secure your place as the “Champion.” 

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