Gaming on the Go: Talking Note 20 as Gaming Alternative

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Gaming used to be relegated to the home PC or console, but with new services such as XCloud, that is no longer the case, giving new possibilities to mobile gaming. The news player in the game streaming world, XCloud from Xbox, gives anyone with an Xbox Account and a Game Pass Ultimate account a new way to play games, drawing on servers to deliver games in a way we did not think possible even five years ago.

With mobile gaming and the power of XCloud, Samsung is positioning itself on the forefront of this new way to play console games. With their new S20 and Note 20 range, they have some of the most powerful, and most exciting offerings currently available today. Packing stunning screens, 5G capabilities, and an overall sleek package, it is no wonder Samsung has jumped onboard to make Xcloud and game streaming a selling point for this new generation of gaming.

Gaming On The Go: Talking Note 20 As Gaming Alternative
Project XCloud

To this end, CGMagazine took some time to talk to Stephanie Harvey (Miss Harvey) and Dan Hammill (Greenskull) about their experiences with the Note 20 Ultra along with what they think xclound and other streaming services can offer gamers. Both known for their work in gaming competitively and as content creators, they bring a unique understanding to the space, and what game streaming can offer moving forward. 

CGMagazine: How has the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G helped with gaming on the go?

Dan Hammill: I’m a big Xbox fan, so having access to the XBox Game Pass library in the cloud thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft is huge. The refresh rate on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G combined with the incredibly fast processor makes playing games on the go a dream. I can now unlock Xbox Achievements anywhere!

Stephanie Harvey: I was beyond hyped when I received the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, not only is it gorgeous but it’s also a gaming beast! Gaming on the go is super easy with the Intelligent Battery. I don’t have to worry about finding an outlet because it adapts to the content I’m viewing (and playing!) to conserve battery life. It’s always ready to go, no matter how many gaming breaks I take throughout the day!

CGMagazine: What about the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G makes it so tailor-made for this sort of gaming?

Dan: Well, the Wi-Fi optimization and the advanced processor make it so you have a super smooth gaming experience with virtually no lag. I have been playing a bunch of different Xbox games and wow… game streaming has come a long way. I’m consistently impressed by the input delay, and the games look gorgeous on the AMOLED display. It felt so good to play a AAA game like Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G.

Gaming On The Go: Talking Note 20 As Gaming Alternative

Steph: Also, the edge-to-edge screen feels like it goes on forever so I totally forget that I’m gaming on mobile, which is really impressive. The battery life is amazing ― I play games and use my phone all day long and I’ve only had to charge my phone at night. Two hours into our stream and I still had 61% battery left!

CGMagazine: Could a mobile device ever replace a home console?

Dan: A couple weeks ago Steph and I live streamed Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Twitch straight from our Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, with Galaxy Buds Live in my ears and an Xbox controller. The stream went off without a hitch. We often forget how pervasive mobile gaming really is, with entire countries primarily playing games on their phones. Not only is it an extension of your office or couch gaming experience, but it can also be your primary device for gaming. We are witnessing the future before our very eyes.

Steph: I have always been super skeptical about cloud gaming, but after trying it out myself on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, I know it’s real. The 120Hz refresh rate combined with low latency game streaming can make the experience smoother than a PC! I love being able to pop in my Buds Live, kick back, and have a little me time streaming my favourite games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Gaming On The Go: Talking Note 20 As Gaming Alternative

CGMagazine: Do you see you turning to a device like the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G more while home, or more while on the go?

Dan: I’ve never been so content with mobile gaming as I have with my Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. I’m a bit of a homebody, so I often find myself clipping my phone to a controller and playing Game Pass games in bed or on my balcony. In the future, you’ll definitely find me passing time with game streaming while I’m travelling!

Steph: The Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is my favourite phone out of all the phones I have ever had. Right now, I’m really enjoying using it at home given I’m not travelling as much, but I can imagine it being a go-to for when I’m on the road as well. I still can’t get over the performance – the super high 120Hz refresh rate and advanced processor makes for smooth gameplay and visuals anywhere I go! I’m already doing a lot more streaming on my phone!

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