Interacting With Viewers: An Interview with Twitch Streamer Dethridge

Interacting With Viewers: An Interview with Twitch Streamer Dethridge 4

From PUBG, Jurassic World Evolution, The Crew 2, and even the Kingdom Hearts series, Dethridge is known for live streaming a variety of games on Twitch.

He has been streaming since 2012 and has become a full-time partner for the platform in 2013.

Dethridge is also known to love games that are open world RPGs involving exploration and building. On top of this, he’s also a fan of games that immerse its players into the story and lore.

CGMagazine interviewed Dethridge about his career in live streaming, his interactions with his viewers, and how he manages to keep his content fresh.

Interacting With Viewers: An Interview With Twitch Streamer Dethridge 4

CGMagazine: As a fan of games that immerse its players into its story and lore, what have been your favourites so far? Why?

Dethridge: I would have to say my favourite game that immersed me the most has been the Uncharted series. It really puts you in there, you feel like you’re part of the story. Big fan of that game and Naughty Dog, the studio that made the game. Not only is the story amazingly immersive, but the voice acting, sound engineering is second to none. All four games tie together, It all meshes together to create one through experience.

CGMagazine: What are some of your favourite ways to interact with your viewers when you’re live streaming?

Dethridge: All interaction is good interaction. From asking what mechanics do in the game, teaching players what I’ve learned, to simply just talking about how our day was. I love it all. The main reason I stream is because I love conversation, and that’s why I love a variety of streaming. We get to, as a community, experience so many types of games together. Then, we get to talk about it in a few different ways and you really feel like you’re a part of something.

The opportunity that came up with Taco Bell and Baja Blast, where I had my hair and beard dyed Baja Blast blue while live streaming PUBG, was pretty cool because it allowed me to interact with viewers in a totally different way. It’s not every day that you have an opportunity to bring something so unique and different to the community, so it allowed for a conversation that typically wouldn’t happen on this platform.

Interacting With Viewers: An Interview With Twitch Streamer Dethridge 2
Uncharted 4 – Image provided by Sony

CGMagazine: How does the type of game affect your interactions with viewers?

Dethridge: I would consider myself a solo player. I really connect with Kirito from Sword Art Online. The main reason I stream is to communicate and interact with my viewers. Any time you add friends or do a collaboration stream, you take away from that. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s natural to give your attention to whoever you are collaborating with, and it’s a much different experience for the viewer.  They are very different ways of streaming. I like to do both, but my main way of streaming is solo. I love my friends, I love collaborating, but it’s not the norm for me. It really comes down to the game. Certain games really require you to collaborate to get the best experience out of it, not only for you but for your viewers as well.

Sea of Thieves, for example, is a much better experience for everyone when multiple people are playing it together. I personally like solo experience more. Like Uncharted, God of War, Far Cry, those sort of experiences.

CGMagazine: What is the process of choosing a particular game to stream like?

Dethridge: Honestly, it’s really taken me a long time to get to my process I have now. I think that’s the hardest part of being a variety streamer. What to play, and when. Not only that but what game are you motivated to play? What game do you go to sleep thinking about, and waking up to rush hitting that go live button?

My process now is pretty simple. I put my main focus on new releases. When there isn’t a new game to play, I play a game on my “catch up” list. This list is a list of games I need to play, want to play, and generally have sequels coming up. For example, right now I don’t have a new release game coming out until September (Spider-Man) so I can go to my catch up list and see what games I have to play. I compare that to my upcoming games list to see if there are any games we want to get hype about. Right now, I am excited to play Rise of the Tomb Raider to get ready for Shadow of the Tomb Raider in September. Plus I have yet to play through Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 comes in November.

Sometimes it’s a problem — too many games to play. It’s a good problem to have as a streamer, but at some point, you do need to have a process to stay motivated to play games. This works for me.

Interacting With Viewers: An Interview With Twitch Streamer Dethridge 1
Fallout 76 – Image provided by Bethesda

CGMagazine: What are the most challenging aspects of live streaming, and how do you overcome these challenges?

Dethridge: Honestly, for me, it’s staying motivated to play games. There is no shortage of games to play, but what to play and when to play it and to be motivated to do so. For me, that’s been the hardest part. It’s a good gig, let’s not kid ourselves. I am grateful and humbled I have a community that allows me to do this every day.

CGMagazine: What is one of your fondest memories while live streaming a game?

Dethridge: It’s so hard to choose one moment. I’ve been streaming for so long now that it all just mushes together. I will say that even after so long, I still get excited to hit that ‘go live’ button. Making new moments, sharing experiences, creating more memories together still motivates me. I think that’s special, no matter what you’re doing as a career. If I had to choose one moment I would have to say live streaming PUBG while getting my hair coloured blue by pro stylist Theodora Raptis. Essentially, when Taco Bell officially launched MTN DEW Baja Blast in Canada, they asked me to colour my hair the colour of the drink while live streaming. It was such a cool opportunity that was so out of the box, I couldn’t say no!

Interacting With Viewers: An Interview With Twitch Streamer Dethridge 5
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Image provided by Bluehole

CGMagazine: What are some of your favourite products/brands that you use for streaming?

Dethridge: There will be a few sponsored companies included here, but I only accept sponsorships from awesome companies that I would use anyway. ASUS, one of our main sponsors, have been great. I use their 165hz 1440p 27″ monitor. Honestly, and truly, I could never go back to a standard monitor ever again. Not after using a minimum of 144hz. It’s too clean. I also love Elgato, they were an official sponsor at one point in time, but we haven’t renewed our contract. I still have a great relationship with them and still collaborate with them a lot with new gear. Their Stream Deck is as important as my microphone, for real. I don’t know how I streamed without it in the past. I would say those are my top 2 pieces of equipment. Honestly, I have too much. Others would be my Electro-Voice RE20 mic, and I always get giddy for peripherals.

CGMagazine: What’s next for you?

Dethridge: Continuing to build my community and a positive footprint on Twitch. One step at a time, one day at a time. There isn’t a rush for me. As far along as some people think we are in the live streaming realm, I think it’s just beginning. In the past year, streaming has grown more than the past four years combined. I look forward to the next five years and what that brings to our world. Oh, and of course, I look forward to continuing to dye my beard crazy colours before the bleach fades. Thanks, Taco Bell! But again, one day at a time.

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