CGMagazine June/July 2016: The Return Of The JRPG

CGMagazine June/July 2016: The Return Of The JRPG 2

In the videogame industry, some of the biggest, most beloved franchises are JRPGs. From Final Fantasy, to Persona, this genre is so diverse and unique; we dedicated a whole issue to it. With titles like I am Setsuna, Bravely Second, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy XV, taking the mantle of the most talked about games in recent memory, it seems like there is a genre wide revival.

Jump inside the June/July issue of CGMagazine where Lisa Mior explores the meaning of Setsunai, Elias Blondeau talks about how JRPGs saved his life, Liana Kerzner wonders where the romance in videogames went, and Cody Orme sits down with Dragon Quest Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto to discuss Dragon Quest Builders.

Leveling Up With 3D Printing
Where Is The Love?
Dead By Daylight: The Slasher Movie Made Interactive
Independant Doublethink
Perhaps Videogames Just Shouldn’t Be Made Into Movies
The Technomancer‘s Faults Make It A Refreshingly Unique RPG
Affirmative Inaction

I Am Setsuna: The Return Of The JRPG
Making A New Genre With Dragon Quest Builders
Understanding Through I Am Setsuna
How To Best Approach JRPGs
How JRPGs Saved My Life
A New Golden Age Of JRPGs Is On The Way

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