The Bounty: Deluxe Edition Launches on Steam

The Bounty is a retro-inspired competitive RPG, with an East meets West approach, deviously combined with an arcade high score sensibility. An experience that will challenge your wits as you push to survive, uncover a multitude of secrets, and earn the high score.
The game was developed by The Ludicrous Ones and released on Steam on January 8th, 2018 for the regular price of $4.99
The Bounty is sometimes funny, and sometimes brutal; full of introspective and smashing the fourth wall. It’s in essence, an arcade-like RPG. A fast, streamlined experience with no experience levels to grind, no random encounters. You’ll journey through the four episodes, each with many elements that can vary randomly, with the simple goal of clearing the game and scoring as high as you can.

Gameplay consists of exploration, quick yet brutal battles, traps, treasures, secrets, puzzles, riddles; and more. The Bounty packs a lot of variety into it’s levels, while staying cohesive. In addition to the Competitive story mode, there’s Practice- which removes the scoring element, but helps you to master the game with a variety of perks including autosave, an item to freely save progress, and a special powerful item.
Want a change of pace? Head into Endless Mode; begin with a full load of equipment and items, and head into the ever-changing dungeon. Get as many floors in, and as high of a score as you can!
With free add-on Episodes and Endless Dungeon packs post-launch, new challenges will continue to await you.
A truly unique score based, fast paced competitive RPG. Gameplay heavy/Story light. A challenging RPG that you can pick up and play. Impeccably balanced- every player choice has equal value in strengths and weaknesses, every path has the same scoring potential. Hundreds of secrets and fourth-wall breaking easter eggs- a true celebration in gaming culture and history.
*Stylized visuals, audio, and gameplay hearken back to Japanese 16-bit console RPGs while embracing Western PC-centric designs and sensibilities.

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