24 Entertainment Takes A Deep Dive Into Naraka Bladepoint

| June 13, 2021
24 Entertainment Takes A Deep Dive Into Naraka Bladepoint 2

24 Entertainment kicks off E3 Sunday with a look into their upcoming title, Naraka Bladepoint.

The battle royale genre is arguably the largest genre within the gaming industry, with new games trying to break in with their unique takes on what makes battle royale tick. The latest upcoming title aiming to cut out their own slice of the BR pie is 24 Entertainment’s Naraka: Bladepoint, a 60 melee combat focused battle royale that is looking to become the next big BR craze.

24 Entertainment showcased several minutes of gameplay which featured tons of high-intensity moments from the alpha and closed beta tests along with plenty more gameplay footage and a message from the dev team, given by Ray Kuan, the lead producer of Naraka: Bladepoint at 24 Entertainment. Kuan broke down the two different class options you’ll have, Sniper or Warrior, a new weapon being added for the upcoming open beta, the deep character customization options with Naraka: Bladepoint and some of the methodology behind the gameplay. You can watch the full trailer here:

YouTube video

Naraka: Bladepoint hasn’t even released yet, but it is clearly picking up quite a lot of steam after recent successful player tests and with the over one million current players with the game sitting on their wishlist. That’s quite different from pre-order numbers granted, but it still shows plenty of interest in a game that will rely heavily on its community.

Players who choose to take to the field as a Sniper will rely on their accuracy with a bow to take out their enemies, while warriors will need to get in close for the kill. One of the highlights of Naraka: Bladepoint seems to be its increased verticality and range of movements, which can create what feels like grand one-on-one or team based battles. Naraka: Bladepoint is currently set to launch globally on PC on August 12, 2021, though you can currently wishlist it on Steam to prepare for the upcoming open beta starting on June 16 and running until June 22.

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