3DS Trumps PlayStation, PS4 Pro Struggles to Break 10k in Japan

3DS Trumps PlayStation, PS4 Pro Struggles to Break 10k in Japan 1

Media Create sales numbers for Nov. 21 through Nov. 27 are in for Japan, and as it turns out, the PlayStation 4 is trailing behind the 3DS yet again. The week’s numbers show that the 3DS pushed over 70,000 units in Japan during the week, whereas the PlayStation 4 Pro could just barely muster in 8,000 sales.

Shared on NeoGAF, Media Create’s figures for the end of November suggest that 3DS sales are still dominating charts. The chart reveals that the 3DS landed with 71,312 hardware sales during the week, 45,622 of which going to the New Nintendo 3DS LL. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 sold 33,859 units, with the PlayStation 4 Pro dragging in a meager 8,243 for a grand total of 42,102 PlayStation 4 family sales.

Suffice to say; 3DS games are selling quite well in Japan alongside the handheld unit. Pokémon Sun and Moon ended the week with 375,665 sales: down from the 1,966,294 units that were previously moved but still landing the Nintendo hallmark into the national number one slot for the week. Meanwhile, in fifth place, Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo rests with an opening 16,916 units, proving that the franchise’s amiibo update is quite popular among Japanese fans. SD Gundam G Generation Genesis holds second and third place for the game’s PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 release, respectively, with Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru performing quite well at fourth, sixth and seventh for the game’s PS4, PlayStation Vita and PS3 sales, too. But with only three PlayStation 4 titles claiming the week’s top 10 slots, Nov. 21 through Nov. 27 was an uphill battle for Sony’s flagship console. For the most part, Nintendo held their ground throughout the week.

That said, Final Fantasy XV released the week of Nov. 28, which means PlayStation 4 sales may be on the rise amidst Square Enix’s latest offering. Check back next week when Media Create reports on Japan’s sales figures for the last days of November and the start of December.

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