6 Tips To Start Your Own YouTube Gaming Channel

6 Tips To Start Your Own YouTube Gaming Channel

YouTube is one of the best places to create video content about video games, but getting discovered may not be so fun.

We will not be able to keep playing the same game as we used to or beat everyone in Fortnite. In this post, I will help you find success playing games on YouTube in 2020.

How to start a gaming channel on YouTube?

This advice works for several different online video genres, even if you don’t have a gaming channel.

This article is about what you can do on YouTube to create gaming content and how you can improve as you go along. Let’s get started.

Choose your Area of Interest.

The first step in becoming a YouTube gamer is to decide what games you’ll play. Variety/indie are the preferences of most, but others may prefer specific series/developers/genres. 

Most of the biggest YouTube gaming channels concentrate almost entirely on one game, with occasional videos about other games.

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Build your channel now.

In the early days of your channel, you may need to experiment with different types of content (it’s okay to test). 

The profile picture should be beautiful, and the channel art should be appealing. In addition to video intros/outros, logos, and other designs, if feasible, you may also wish to commission them. It is also worth noting that spending time to create your own gaming intro would be appealing to get more viewers.

We need to make videos now. Before you begin monetizing or exploring networks, you need to build a backlog of content. As you create content, you will also receive viewer feedback, which helps you improve your content. You can also buy YouTube views to get more subscribers, views, & feedback from viewers. 

Provide Appropriate Feedback.

As a gamer on YouTube, you have to learn how to deal with feedback. Learning from your mistakes helps you to grow as a creator, so be open to feedback on your videos and resolve to improve them as a result. You can also ask for advice on this issue from more experienced YouTubers.

6 Tips To Start Your Own Youtube Gaming Channel

Learn how to become independent or enter a network.

Your next step is to make some money once you have learned how to make your content and have found your “voice.” 

As soon as possible, get partner status and start looking into MCNs (YouTube networks). It’s essential to understand Fair Use and Copyleft laws if you decide to go your way.

Find out what you need to know.

Make the content as soon as you have monetized it. You should look into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to see how you can make your YouTube channel/videos more appealing to Google/YouTube searchers. 

Ensure you’re on top of the latest developments in gaming, as well as analyzing how these apply to your videos.

Schedule your videos.

The creators of YouTube channels are urged to keep their posting schedules consistent, so their viewers are not dissatisfied. It isn’t enough to post one video or two videos per week to be considered successful. 

You must maintain consistency. Plan a routine for every type of game you wish to update and adhere to it strictly. For your channel to earn a better rating, you must post at least 400 or 500 videos per year.

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