Destiny Expansion: Rise Of Iron Officially Revealed

Despite Bungie having the wind taken out of its sails with an early leak of the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny, they have come out strong officially announcing the newest piece of DLC.

According to the official press release, this new chapter draws players back to where their journey began, pitting them alongside one of Destiny’s greatest heroes to battle an ancient enemy from the past.

According to CEO of Activision Eric Hirshberg, “We have been working hard with our partners at Bungie and are planning great, new content for Destiny’s 30 million registered players. Rise of Iron is the first step in fulfilling that promise.”

Hirshberg goes on to say, “There’s a ton of content packed in Rise of Iron, including a new location, a new Raid and a new Strike, combined with more quests, weapons, gear, a competitive multiplayer mode and more that we think players are going to love.”

Fleshing out some of the details leaked yesterday, the expansion features an all-new setting on Earth called “The Plaguelands,” a brand-new six-player Raid named “Felwinter Peak,” a new social space that looks out onto The Plaguelands, new cooperative three-player Strike, more quests, weapons, gear, competitive multiplayer mode and maps, a Light level increase, a new mutated enemy faction of the Fallen, and more.

The expansion also allows players to acquire the Gjallarhorn, a fan favorite weapon.  Those who preorder beginning June 9


 receive the limited-edition, black and silver Iron Gjallarhorn.

Rise of Iron launches September 20, 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

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