Alexander the Great Coming to Civilization VI

Alexander the Great Coming to Civilization VI

Alexander the Great will be leading Macedon in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, as revealed by 2K and Firaxis Games in a post on the game’s official website.

Said to be one of the most influential human beings to have ever lived, Alexander the Great has been included as a leader in all the previous titles in the series’ history. His entry into Civilization VI will be the first time that Alexander is represented as the leader of Macedon instead of Greece. Like the other leaders in Civilization VI, Alexander will come with his own unique abilities along with two exclusive units and one building.

Alexander’s first ability, “Hellenistic Fusion” gives Macedon a variety of bonuses when capturing a city, depending on the kind of districts developed there. His second, more combat focused ability is “To the World’s End” allows the nation’s units to stay at war longer without weariness.

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“The Hypaspist” is the first of Alexander the Great’s unique units, elite Macedonian soldiers equipped with a long spear, short sword and a shield. The unit gains extra strength when taking over districts and gains extra support bonuses. The second unit, the Hetairoi, work as Alexander’s unique replacement for the Horseman, a fast and heavy cavalry unit. The unit is designed to penetrate enemy defences and attack vulnerable rear flanks. Alexander the Great’s final unique ability is to create the building called the “Basilikoi Paides.” It grants extra science points when training non-civilians and grants bonuses when training certain military units.

Civilization VI released in fall of 2016 exclusively on PC. Firaxis games developed the title, leading with the same teams that produced the expansions for the previous entry, Civilization V. The game received favourable reviews from multiple critics and has become the fastest-selling game in the series, shipping more than one million units in its first two weeks of release.

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