Here’s How to Complete Animal Crossing New Horizon’s May Day Event

Here's How to Complete Animal Crossing New Horizon's May Day Event

Nintendo consistently runs seasonal events in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and once again players can participate in the annual May Day activities.

If you’ve played the May Day event in previous years you’ll know exactly what to expect. Players will head to an island where they’ll need to make their way through a maze, collecting resources along the way to help open new pathways. Players will need to complete the Animal Crossing New Horizon’s May Day event before May 7.

Animal Crossing’s May Day 2022 Rewards

Before we dive into how to complete the event, we’ll go over the rewards that you’ll be able to gain. The main reward is Rover’s Briefcase, a miscellaneous furniture item that you can display in your house or anywhere else you want. If you’ve already earned the briefcase in previous years, you’ll be able to get Rover’s Photo instead. At the same time, you’ll have a chance to collect nine different Bell Vouchers, which can be exchanged at Nook’s Cranny for, of course, bells.

How to Complete New Horizons’ May Day 2022

The first step is to head to the airport and take the new Nook Miles ticket at the counter. When you head to the maze island you’ll need to leave everything at the airport, so you won’t be able to take anything in your pockets. Also, be aware that going to the maze is a one-time event, and you won’t be able to return, so do everything you can when you go.

Once you land on the island you’ll be informed that Rover is waiting at the end of the maze, and it’s your job to get there. Here’s a rundown of what to do.

  • Grab the shovel and dig up the shrub on the left, then eat the fruit.
  • Dig up the tree in front of you
  • Head all the way up, then all the way to left. Go down and grab the tree branch.
  • Now go all the way to the right then down over the hole. Pick up the tree branch and stone.
  • Head back over the hole and go to the hole to your immediate left. Jump over and grab the branch, then go down and pick up the axe.
  • Head back over the hole then go up and all the way to the left. There’s a tree in the top-left corner you need to chop down.
  • Grab the branch and two fruit behind the chopped tree.
  • Now head back down and to the right, back to the series of holes you were at earlier. Jump over the third hole on the left and pick up the branch.
  • From the brand go down and to the left, over the hole. Eat a fruit and use the shovel to break the rock and pick up the gem behind.
  • Go back the way you came, up to the tree you chopped earlier. This time head all the way to the right, where you’ll find three piles of wood to pick up.
  • Just down from the wood find a rock to break with the shovel. Pick up the fruit and seeds, then dig up the tree.
  • Use the workbench to craft a flimsy ax and a regular ax.
  • Go out from the workbench and to the left, over the three holes. Chop down the tree on the left to pick up two more fruit.
  • Now go over the hole ahead and loop over the left, back down, back to the right, over the hole again, then go down over the first hole on the left. Follow the path to another tree you need to chop down.
  • Head up to find a new fruit, then continue up over another hole to the series of three trees.
  • Chop down all three to keep going and finally get to the end of the maze.
  • There are Bell Vouchers you can pick up to the left, and you can also head up and around the island itself to find another area with vouchers. Eat all of your remaining fruit to break the rocks and pick up additional vouchers.
  • Finally, head back to the end and talk to Rover.

Make sure to head to the official Animal Crossing New Horizons site for even more info.

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