Apex Legends Brings Justice To Players Who Use The Phrase ‘Andrew Tate’

apex legends brings justice to players who use the phrase andrew tate 786699

Apex Legends is notorious for banning players who threaten the peace with hateful language and break the ‘Positive Play Charter‘, this can include Andrew Tate.

The Electronic Arts Positive Play Charter is a base guideline to help keep things clean in their online communities of gaming, and interestingly enough, mere utterance or mention of “Andrew Tate cringe” may be enough to bring down the smiting hammer of suspension on players. A Reddit user by the name of u/onyi_time brought his story to the R/ApexLegends forum to discuss what transpired to net him a seven-day stint in the suspended section.

Andrew Tate is a notorious figure in media considering he’s received bans on almost every major social media platform due to his heavily misogynistic viewpoints, and even G2 eSports Founder and CEO, Carlos Rodriguez was ousted from his post due to his defence of Tate in public view back in September.

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The Apex Legends issue today heavily involves the Positive Play Charter and the phrase “Andrew Tate cringe.” The PPC lists “Share Clean Content – Create and share stuff that’s appropriate,” on their website, and the screencap of the suspension shared by the Reddit user lists EA’s reasoning as “We consider this to be hateful conduct.”

The chatter beneath the story on Reddit is filled with an overwhelming negative response, with some users referring to the practice as ‘dystopian’ and others refusing to use the chat system on any moderated boards at all. The reason being it’s simply ‘too risky.’

While the Apex Legends player appealed their ban, EA noted that it made the right call for the 168-hour sentence. Although the Reddit poster may have received a ban for just uttering his name, the others mentioned in the story that engaged in misogynistic banter haven’t come forward as ban subjects just yet.

Fans can swing over to Reddit to read the full sequence of events as they transpired. In an interesting twist, Elon Musk has reinstated Tate on Twitter since purchasing the social media company, but has brought down the hammer on journalists.

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