Apple Watch Series 8 Could Reportedly Have Blood Glucose Monitoring

Apple Watch Series 8 Could Reportedly Have Blood Glucose Monitoring 1

Apple Watch Series 8 suppliers are reportedly working on components that would let the device monitor blood glucose levels, adding even more health-focused features to the next iteration of the watch.

As reported by Wccftech, a paywalled report on DigiTimes claims that Apple’s suppliers have been working on short-wavelength infrared sensors. These sensors are commonly used in health-related devices, like blood glucose reading technology.

The report doesn’t necessarily have a specific mention of the Apple Watch Series 8, but it’s presumed that the new components will be included in the watch, especially as Apple has started focusing more and more on health features over the years. Since the release of the very first Apple Watch, the company has slowly added a variety of new features, including taking an ECG, detecting falls, high and low heart rates, blood oxygen levels, and more.

Apple Watch Series 8 Could Reportedly Have Blood Glucose Monitoring

This isn’t the first mention of a blood glucose monitor, as an earlier report by the Wall Street Journal said Apple was looking into adding the feature, as well as other rumored additions like a wrist thermometer and blood-pressure monitoring.

Putting the feature into the Apple Watch isn’t as simple as it might seem, however, as the current methods of measuring blood glucose involve taking a blood sample. It’s a typically invasive process that Apple would likely need to make non-invasive, somehow, in order to include it on a mass-marketed device. As Wccftech reports, Apple has reportedly also run into problems dealing with the battery drain and size of the sensors on the watch, both aspects that the company would need to get under control before a full release.

While Apple hasn’t announced exactly when it will announce the Apple Watch Series 8, it’s expected to be revealed sometime in the Fall 2022 season. Some of the other rumored updated features include a bigger display, faster charging, and larger battery.

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