Arc System Works Launches New Website & Arc World Tour 2023!

arc system works launches new website amp arc world tour 2023 23051205 2

Celebrating Arc System Works’ 35th Anniversary, a new website for the occasion has been launched, and the exciting Arc World Tour 2023 has been announced.

Arc System Works (ArcSys) has posted a new website commemorating the company’s massive 35th anniversary, with a message from CEO Minoru Kidooka thanking all of the people who made ArcSys’ continued success a reality. The new website includes a “History of Arc” timeline, that details all the titles ArcSys has produced since 1995, when they started developing original software, until now.

Arc System Works Launches New Website Amp Arc World Tour 2023 23051205

While Arc System Works is known for its prowess in the fighting game genre — with the BlazBlue series, the Guilty Gear series and its latest release, DNF Duel — in CEO Kidooka’s message, he wrote, “I’d like to explore other genres in addition to fighting games, to really show off everything we’ve cultivated so far,” in what may be a step in a new direction for the established company.

Arc System Works Reveals Arc World Tour 2023

Arc System Works Launches New Website Amp Arc World Tour 2023 23051205 1

The Arc World Tour 2023 (AWT2023) is a massive competitive fighting game tournament centred around Guilty Gear Strive. AWT2023 is where the best competitors in the world will face off in California, USA, in the Spring of 2024 for a cash prize pool of $100,000 and glory.

To qualify for the AWT2023 finals, 16 slots will be made available for the final tournament count. Players in qualifying tournaments will also earn Tour Points relative to their overall performance, and the three players with the highest Tour Point total will qualify for AWT2023. The overwhelming majority of slots,12, will be taken by qualifying tournament winners. The final slot will be granted to a Last Chance Qualifier tournament victor, which will be planned ahead of the Spring 2024 finale.

A trailer for the AWT2023 can be seen below.

YouTube video

As Arc System Works’ 35th-anniversary celebration continues, fans can head over to their Twitter account to stay up to date with new announcements. Fans can also visit the new Arc System Works website to check out the celebration updates.

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