ATLUS Says Good-Bye To Demon’s Souls

| Mar 1, 2014
ATLUS Says Good-Bye To Demon's Souls

Yesterday ATLUS’s public relations manager John Hardin made a troubling announcement: there won’t be a Demon’s Souls 2. The announcement was made as a response to a user on the PlayStation Blog, to which Hardin said “can 100% confirm there will NOT be a Demon’s Souls 2.”

While rumours of a Demon’s Souls 2 have been circulating for awhile, this is the first piece of hard evidence that these rumours are false. No reason to have a meltdown though, as Dark Souls 2 is coming out this month and is sure to continue the trials and tribulations that make the series so intriguing.

Also, it’s important to note that while ATLUS published Demon’s Souls, they aren’t the developer and Sony can still publish the game itself.

Dark Souls 2 comes out March 11th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (PC version comes a bit later). Be sure to check back at CGM for the full written review.

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