Battlefield 2042 and GTA: The Trilogy Launching With DLSS on GeForce

Battlefield 2042 and GTA: The Trilogy Launching With DLSS on GeForce

Nvidia has announced some of the new games using its GeForce technology, including the highly-anticipated Battlefield 2042 and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.

First up, Battlefield 2042 launches in early access on November 12, and on day one the game will support Nvidia DLSS, Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion, and NVIDIA Reflex. At the same time, anyone that owns a GeForce RTX graphics card will also be able to use Nvidia DLSS with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy. Anyone hoping to use the features with either game will need to make sure all of their drivers are up to date, and they’ll also want to download the specific Game Ready drivers from Nvidia, such as the “Battlefield 2042 GeForce Game Ready Driver.”

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The final announcement deals with Bright Memory Infinite, the upcoming shooter developed by a single-person Chinese studio. At launch, Bright Memory Infinite will be enhanced with ray-traced shadows, reflections, caustics and global illumination, along with performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS, and system latency is reduced by up to 49% with NVIDIA Reflex.

For anyone unfamiliar, here’s how Nvidia describes DLSS, “NVIDIA DLSS delivers significantly faster performance in over 120 games and apps. It’s powered by our groundbreaking AI rendering technology and the dedicated Tensor Core AI processors found exclusively on GeForce RTX GPUs.”

Nvidia Reflex, on the other hand, is meant to reduce latency in controls. Here’s how Nvidia describes it on the official site, “Game controls feel good when they’re responsive; you press the button, the action occurs immediately. When they’re unresponsive, gameplay feels laggy, aiming is harder, and you’re more likely to lose battles. With NVIDIA Reflex, we can greatly reduce system latency, one of the main culprits behind unresponsive gameplay.”

If you want to see even more information on any of the games or features, Nvidia has dedicated posts on its website for Battlefield 2042, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, and Bright Memory Infinite.

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