Beauty and the Beast: Official Live-Action Trailer Releases

| November 14, 2016
Beauty and the Beast: Official Live-Action Trailer Releases 2

It’s a tale as old as time…well, as old as Disney’s original 1991 cartoon. Beauty and the Beast returns with a live-action film and today the first full official trailer releases.

Beauty and the Beast became one of the highest grossing Disney films of all time and made its way into the hearts of millions. The songs have been covered by thousands of artists, the merchandise is still selling and the Broadway musical was and is and smash hit. With a film that was nominated for Best Picture and won for Best Song, it stood to reason that Disney would remake their beloved classic.

The live-action Beauty and the Beast went into production in 2014 and fans waited for an eternity before the teaser trailer finally released in May. Fans still wanted more and patience finally paid off when the first official trailer drop today.

From the looks of it, Beauty and the Beast is capturing the essence of the original film while cranking up the epic, much like they did with The Jungle Book trailer, they reworked the main theme into a heart pounding and powerful score. The CGI is still unfinished but aside from that it looks like a gorgeous, breathtaking and overall grander-scale film. The amount of detail we’ve seen so far with the Beast’s castle, the character designs and the costumes, is simply astounding. Based on what we have seen so far, scenes like the final fight, the battle with the wolves and the famous dance will be exactly like we remember and more. CG went hand-in-hand with the traditional art in the original, now let’s see if it can be used to its full potential alongside the real sets.

It’s often difficult to work up excitement for a love story but Disney hasn’t let us down yet with these live-action remakes. With more films coming out soon like Aladdin and Mulan, let’s hope the live action Beauty and the Beast will awaken the five year old girl in all of us and have us squealing and singing along again. It’s time to be Disney’s guest one more time.

Beauty and the Beast will be releasing in cinemas March 17, 2017.

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