Bethesda Teams Up With Carlsberg to Make Fallout BEER

Bethesda Teams Up With Carlsberg to Make Fallout BEER

Bethesda wants to quench your thirst in the Wasteland, announcing a product team up with Carlsberg UK to create a Fallout BEER.

According to the release, the Fallout BEER is “a 4% alchohol by volume (ABV) pilsner lager, with a refreshing, zesty, hoppy taste and a floral aroma.” Accodring to Bruce Ray, Corporate Affairs Director at Carlsberg UK, “This is something of a world-first. Adult participation in video gaming is a truly social activity, on a par with cinema and music.  We’re proud to work with Bethesda to produce a beer Fallout fans can enjoy.”

I’ve never been a big beer drinker myself so I can’t get too excited for this promotional tie-in. It seems strange to me that this is being marketed like a legitimate beer, which seems to suggest Carlsberg is jumping on the hype train for the release of Fallout 4.

Frankly, I don’t think any beer bearing the Fallout brand can be described as “refreshing, zesty, hoppy and with a ‘floral aroma.” It should really be something more along the lines of “stale, irradiated, dehydrating and distilled in a toilet long-forgotten through the ravages of nuclear annihilation.”

What’s even stranger is the partnering choice on Bethesda’s end. Given the series most well-known drink “Nuka-Cola,” you’d think a partnering with Coke or Pepsi to create actual bottles of Nuka-Cola would be a wiser choice, given it would reach a wider audience (not all Fallout fans might like beer, or even be old enough to drink it, but everyone likes a soda) and it would be a reference to a product that exists in the Fallout universe.

At the very least, they should have made Fallout BEER Quantum; a glowing beer, now that would have been a product tie-in!

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