Bioware To Address Problems With Mass Effect: Andromeda

Bioware To Address Problems With Mass Effect: Andromeda 1

Mass Effect: Andromeda almost feels like a game out of a dream. A series boasting both a famous and infamous legacy, from one of the most renowned makers of RPGs, what should have been an easy home-run has mostly been dominated by talks of horrible cutscenes and janky animations. However, Bioware isn’t content to let this dog lie, announcing an announcement of fixes to come.

Bioware released the statement through a tweet on their official Twitter page acknowledging some of the criticisms and announcing plans to “share more information” in the coming week.

While the message is sparse in the way of details, one can only imagine by “critical,” the team is referring to the lacklustre facial animations and technical glitches that plague Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It speaks well on behalf of the team that they’re willing to address and fix these problems, however, I can’t help but feel like this speaks to a larger problem currently within the industry: the attitude of release first, patch later, that has been allowed to fester.

You can see it with how many games release with massive day-one patches, or release in broken, buggy states. Games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Call of Duty: Infinite, and most infamously No Man’s Sky, to only name a few, all which released in an almost unfinished state and were fixed in the preceding weeks or months.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is yet another game to join these ranks, and for one with such a prestigious lineage, it might seem totally inexcusable. While the game is receiving mostly positive reviews for its gameplay mechanics and overall story, for a game largely dominated by its storytelling and dialogue, these were definitely problems that should have never made it into the game; let alone being repaired long enough after the game has been released to guarantee a return.

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