Black Desert Online Receiving New Content Update

Black Desert Online Receiving New Content Update 1

Pear lAbyss announced new content for their MMORPG, Black Desert Online, during a live stream done on Twitch over the weekend.

PearlAbyss revealed a variety of new content coming Black Desert Online as well as some updated features for the game. A large new sea monster named Vell will be added to the recently constructed Margola region. Vell will be massive in size, as large as a city, requiring players to work together in order to defeat it. A unicorn named Dine will be added as a usable mount. Dine is able to heal surrounding players and use a strong dash attack, making it powerful in battle. A new playable class known as the striker will also be coming soon. The striker combines classic martial arts techniques with a more urban street fighting style and is best suited for one-on-one combat. A new skill promotion system will be implemented, allowing players to link two pre-awakening combat skills together in order to create a new, more powerful skill.

Players will also be introduced to a new mode called “Black Raptured Dimension. This mode has players defending an island from waves of attacking monsters. Similarly to tower-defense games, players can build barricades, fame towers and other fortifications in order to help protect the island. PearlAbyss will be re-balancing Black Desert Online’s “Siege War Militia” mode, allowing players who aren’t part of a guild to pick a side and join the wars, adding more strategic elements to the mode. Additionally, new elements such as shield equipped shield soldiers will be introduced, characters effective against flame tower attacks. A number of smaller changes are also being made to the game’s UI and guild system.

Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG that released worldwide in March 2016. Black Desert Online uses a free-to-play model in Korea, Japan and Russia but uses a buy-to-play model in Europe and North America. The game uses an action-based combat system and features elements such as a parkour system, allowing players to climb and explore the game’s sandbox-oriented world. Black Desert Online has received generally positive reception since its launch, selling over 400 thousand copies in its first month after releasing globally.

More information on the latest updates of the game can be found on Black Desert Online’s official website.

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