Bloober Team’s The Medium Being Adapted for TV

The Medium Review 2

Yet another video game is getting adapted with a new psychological horror series in production based on The Medium.

Being able to see two different worlds could be interesting conveyed in a series format, as the game focuses on puzzle solving through gameplay. I’m curious how the story will pan out seeing as there lacks a player controlling the actions of our character. With TV adaptations of video games it’s incredibly interesting to see our characters have wills of their own.

The Medium Breaks Even On Day 1 1
The Medium – Bloober Team

The IMDb page about The Medium states: “The game casts players in the role of Marianne, a medium who is haunted by visions of a child’s murder. To unravel the truth behind this tragedy, she travels to an abandoned hotel and searches for answers.”.

If we are to believe the series will follow the same or similar storyline and characters, which seems to be the case, this series will not disappoint. As ghost stories and horror usually entertain a lot of different audiences, I feel this could even bring in an entirely new fan base. 

The Medium Review 6
The Medium – Bloober Team

What had shocked me initially when discovering there would be a TV adaptation is just how fast we had gotten this news: the game itself had been released just last year in January 2021, and was very well received by its audience. Progressing immediately into the film industry is a bold and admirable next step for the Bloober Team to jump on and could lead to some exciting results.

The Medium got an overall rating of 9/10 on Steam and the feedback was incredibly positive: fans LOVED this game, and so, there’s no doubt that a sequel or new adaptation would naturally come after that amount of positive feedback. CGMagazin’s Lane Martin summed up his 4.5/10 review by saying “The Medium is a poor game that is rife with bugs, bad ideas, and some nice things to look at.”

Fans are now counting on this more than ever, to do its source justice and maybe even expand on the story we’ve grown to love in such a short amount of time. There is currently no timeline on when the series will be released, but stay tuned to CGMagazine for any future updates.

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