Bunker Down with Sheltered on March 15

| Mar 10, 2016
Bunker Down with Sheltered

From two guys comes the next post-apocalyptic survival game for consoles and PC, Sheltered.

Landing next week, this survival title will challenge players to manage and maintain a family during the apocalypse as they settle into their new life in a bunker. Craft new items to make your shelter a more habitable home but also create weapons and ways to defend yourself from the bands of roving raiders. Use a turn-based combat style to fend off the dangers of outside. You can also craft vehicles to allow for exploration.

Not everyone is out for blood though, recruit survivors to your shelter and make them at home to expand your space and your unique family. Since you get to choose everything, right down to gender, name and appearances your family is special to you. Your family will grow, gaining new strengths and weaknesses depending on the choices you make for the group.

Sheltered is out March 15 for $14.99 and is available for PS4, Xbox One, Mac and PC.

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