Sheltered 2 Coming To Steam Later This Year

| Apr 22, 2021
Sheltered 2 Coming To Steam Later This Year

The sequel to 2015’s Sheltered, Sheltered 2, is almost here, promising more strategic gameplay, new challenges to face keeping your base alive and a new factions system, pivotal to your success.

Developer Unicube and publisher Team17 announced today that Sheltered 2 will be coming to Steam later this year. They released a new trailer which shows off the post-apocalyptic world in which players will have to carefully manage resources and think critically about their choices and strategies in order to survive. You can check out the announcement trailer here:

You can wishlist Sheltered 2 on Steam now.

Sheltered 2 builds on the strategy based gameplay from the original Sheltered and aims to deepen that gameplay. Part of this is through a new system called ‘Factions’, where players will either be able to build strong relationships with nearby groups, supporting each other with resources or be able to simply take what you want through more violent means.

You’ll be able to take advantage of an arsenal of DIY weapons in exciting turn-based combat while also strategically using different characters abilities to keep your base strong both in and out of combat. The danger doesn’t begin and end with fighting others for territory or resources though, because you’ll need to carefully manage resources and the lives of those in your base to keep everyone alive and armed.

The biggest change coming to Sheltered 2 is permadeath. Your leader is your most important part of your faction, and if they die, then all is lost. Losing a leader results in game over, whether they’ve been lost to the hostile land or enemies.

“We’re excited to work with Team17 again for Sheltered 2; their support with the first game, and with the upcoming sequel, has been fantastic and we can’t wait for players to experience the bleak and challenging world we’ve created in Sheltered 2.” This coming from Dean Foster & Sonny Meek, co-founders of Unicube through a press release for Sheltered 2.

You can wish-list Sheltered 2 on Steam now.

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