Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked 3

With Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 wrapping up soon, the anticipation of Season 11 has ramped up even more as data miners have revealed leaked details of the game including the Season’s name which is looking to be called “Final Snow”.

Before the leaks, the season was reportedly going to bring a Christmas theme to the game and with a name like “Final Snow,” it suggests Season 11 will feature snow-themed content and terrain which feels very Christmas for anyone who lives in northern areas. The leak also includes maps, modes and more.

The first leaked map is the Icebreaker map, which was originally introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The map features a lot of snow and a long-lost U.S. Nuclear submarine in the Arctic houses. The Call of Duty Mobile version of the map was previously available on the Chinese beta test server and now is coming to the global version according to the leak.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked 4
Source: Activision

The other map coming is a snow-themed Raid Map, which the original map is making a comeback from previous seasons. This time around the map is a themed version for the holidays which features Christmas lights, snowmen, and snow and is set during the night.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked 5
Source: Activision

The game is also adding two new modes, Snowfight mode and Undead Siege – Hell mode. Snowfight mode is an altered Gunfight mode that replaces weapons with snowballs. Players will also be able to play as a Snowman in the mode. Undead Siege – Hell mode, on the other hand, will allow players to get into the action on the Blackout Map on a higher difficulty than is currently available. The mode introduces ultimate weapons like a Ray Gun, as well as zombies which will have more HP.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked 3
Source: Activision

We got some Call of Duty Mobile weapon leaks as well. The first weapon is the PKM LMG and has a magazine of 100 bullets and works best when firing from close range. It takes 8 seconds to load the gun though, which is a lot of time in Call of Duty.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked 2
Source: Activision

The second weapon is the D13 Sector, a secondary special weapon that fires a disc that explodes five seconds after firing. The third and final weapon is the Decoy Grenade, which is a new tactical weapon that creates fake gunfire sound and radar signatures. The Grande works best at confusing your opponents.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked 1
Source: Activision

Lastly is a new skill called Munitions Box operator skill, which will allow players to distribute ammo boxes to themselves and their teammates. It’s best to use this skill when enemies aren’t around, so the other team doesn’t grab your extra ammo.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Details Leaked
Source: Activision

As a part of the upcoming season, there is the Holiday OP event, which scatters holiday stars throughout the Battle Royale maps. After players collect them, they can reveal a password for a safe on a map which, inside is a mysterious present.

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