Call of Duty Mobile eSports Player “Sol” Killed in Brazil

| February 24, 2021
Call of Duty Mobile eSports Player "Sol" Killed in Brazil

Note: the story contains graphic subject matter which may be uncomfortable to readers.

Female Call of Duty Mobile eSports player Ingrid Oliveira Bueno “Sol” da Silva was reportedly killed by fellow player “Flashlight” earlier on Monday, according to ESPN Brazil and Argentinian professor Lola Aronovich.

In a tweet, Aronovich claimed she was sent an email with videos from the alleged killer. Links were included under “a commendable act” and suggested evidence of the murder being filmed. Guilherme “Flashlight” Alves Costa was arrested by authorities in Brazil after he confessed to meeting Sol online and carrying out a planned murder. The arrest was also filmed 30 minutes after the murder, with Costa stating he wanted to commit the act and his “sanity is completely fit.”

Sol, 19, was found stabbed to death in Costa’s home in the Pirituba neighbourhood north of São Paulo. Shortly after the murder on Monday, February 22, videos and images of Sol’s body were uploaded to friends over a WhatsApp group. Other posts from Costa came with written messages containing hate speech and threats of terrorism.

Sol’s own Call of Duty eSports team Jaguares Gaming posted their own condolences online, wishing her friends and family the best during the difficult period. “Women report abuse on a daily basis, but don’t get much attention from society,” the team stated in a translated follow-up tweet, adding female players struggled to find safe spaces from opponents.

Costa is currently in custody and is due for a hearing in a Brazilian court. According to the R7 portal, the case is being considered a homicide while a further investigation is underway.

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