Call of Duty Warzone Seemingly Reboots in April With Event

Verdansk to see a fresh makeover with Cold War
| Apr 15, 2021
Staple battle royale Call of Duty Warzone will be going through with an anticipated restart in April 2021, with an event to commemorate “the end” of its existing map.

Since launch, Verdansk has been the battleground for players. The map also saw its own story expansion of Modern Warfare after its campaign. Verdansk became a site for smuggling nuclear weapons, while the in-game factions broke their treaties in an all-out war. The area would later be saved from one nuclear disaster, as Captain Price, Ghost and his team eliminated Victor Zakhaev (rebooted from Call of Duty 4). Since then, Call of Duty Warzone was integrated with Black Ops Cold War, revealing that character and CIA operative Russell Adler was captured by Perseus and imprisoned in the battle royale map.

Warzone‘s storyline since 2019 would come to an end, according to Activision who teased a doomsday-style countdown on Twitter. It’s still unknown if players in will be completely wiped clean from Verdansk through an in-game event or if Activision will start a new season immediately after. A similar reset was done by Fortnite in their own battle royale map as its classic map was swallowed by a black hole. Players would later drop into a completely new map and geography, which would evolve with new seasons.

A few leaks earlier in April 2021 suggested the reboot will tie closer to Black Ops Cold War‘s integration. According to Twitter user On Thin Ice and VGC, Warzone would travel back in time to the 1980s for vintage battle royale action. This apparently starts with a few setting from Cold War including a radar array station, downtown and an 80s-remake of the superstore.

But Warzone players fighting moments before the event will likely see a scripted moment which will shake up the entire map. It follows a few other major in-game events, including the Black Ops Cold War reveal and Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event that made changes through a large update.

Players can mark their calendars for April 21, 2021 when the teased ending for Call of Duty Warzone hits at 12PM PT and 3PM EST.

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