Cancelled Star Wars 1313 Footage Released Online

Cancelled Star Wars 1313 Footage Released Online

Disney’s move to purchase bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012 seemingly cancelled all existing LucasArts projects, one of those projects was Star Wars 1313 and new footage of the cancelled game has been released.

The footage, originally discovered by TechRadar, was released by the project’s former lead gameplay animator, James Zachary via Battlefront III research site, The Vault’s YouTube channel. The gameplay features a playable Boba Fett chasing an NPC through an unfinished segment with missing textures from the game. The gameplay highlights Boba Fett navigating through an NPC populated corridor which Zachary says on his blog was a part of Star Wars 1313‘s “living world gameplay”. The gameplay also showed off platforming, jumping over obstacles, swinging across chasms, climbing walls, and sliding in pursuit of a fleeing NPC.

YouTube video

The unseen Boba Fett footage gives a better look of what could have been while unfinished it’s still impressive. Star Wars 1313 was originally announced at E3 2012. The game puts players in the shoes of an original bounty hunter character on level 1313 in the city of Coruscant. The character would later be killed off by Boba Fett and players would control Boba Fett.

The game obviously looked like Star Wars‘ spin on Uncharted which isn’t surprising as Uncharted creative director, Amy Hennig worked on 1313. The creative director’s approach to the PlayStation exclusive seamlessly made its way into the game’s core. The game was essentially cancelled in March 2013 following LucasArts’ closure, in 2015 Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said the project could still be developed but nothing on the Star Wars 1313‘s front has happened since its cancellation almost a decade ago.

YouTube video

The design choices in the cancelled game are felt in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order which features Uncharted-like sequences. Speaking of Respawn, it’s been a big week on the Star Wars camp as EA confirmed that Respawn is working on three new Star Wars projects. The publisher confirmed that the developer is working on a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel.

A Star Wars first-person shooter is also being developed by former LucasArts veteran and Medal of Honor co-creator Peter Hirschmann, who previously worked on the original Star Wars: Battlefront games. The last project is a strategy game developed in collaboration with Bit Reactor, a new studio formed by XCOM and Civilization veterans,

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