Capcom Spills on Heavy Hitting Franchises at E3 2021

| Jun 14, 2021
Capcom Spills on Heavy Hitting Franchises at E3 2021
Capcom stepped on the E3 showroom with a newfound confidence that comes from a slew of latest releases and updates. Despite a consistent flow of launches amid COVID-19, Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter continue to receive content updates. The half hour stream focused more on additional DLC content for its two franchises with one unexpected Great Ace Attorney reveal.

Resident Evil Village received a commemorative trailer, with producer Tsuyoshi Kanda thanking fans for their interest. He also threw in a tease for additional DLC for Village, as Capcom previously did for Resident Evil VII. This includes story DLC taking place before and after the main campaign, while revealing additional backstory and behind Village‘s characters.

Capcom Spills On Heavy Hitting Franchises At E3 2021
Resident Evil Village

Monster Hunter Stories 2 was given a new trailer, as another sequel from the mainline series. Fans were treated to a story trailer, with new characters reuniting with species like the Ratha. But the species themselves also contain a special power, with players being able to ride different Rathas. Their abilities are also integral to the plot, giving players just as much time to befriend monsters over slaying them.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin takes a different route from the traditional structure, with a heavy focus on a narrative driven action adventure. According to Capcom, a trial version is expected for June 25, 2021 with an opportunity to transfer demo saves and gain some pre order bonuses. Players won’t have to wait too long for the full game, which is set for a July 9, 2021 release.

Capcom revealed some crossover between Stories 2 and Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch, with new character Tsukino making their way into the game before launch. Players will get to learn more about Tsukino, who will serves as a Palico who accompanies players across their journey. There will also be special events in its summer roadmap to promote Stories 2, with additional monsters and raids being available via updates.

Capcom Spills On Heavy Hitting Franchises At E3 2021 1
Phoenix Wright and The Great Ace Attorney Resolve

Phoenix Wright and The Great Ace Attorney Resolve are breaking their Japanese exclusivity, with an official North American release inbound. A new trailer showcased the English cast, in a prequel to the Ace Attorney series. This will also be part of the older timeline, with players solving a mystery with international sleuth Herlock Sholmes. Players will be using the traditional cross examination and info gathering gameplay to make their own decisions. In court, this tips the balances of justice against a cast of eccentric suspects.

A gameplay demo showed of the familiar mix of anime cutscenes, a dialogue driven narrative and deduction through remembering details. In an encounter with a scissor wielding suspect, players can look around an individual and uncover more clues. Here, players can uncover an alibi or evidence to incriminate them. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be launching on July 27, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam.

eSports took center stage for Capcom’s Pro Tour 2021, tying into Street Fighter V. Its competitive scene travels globally to showcase the best fighters, with a new opening for players to join the next tournament.

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