CaptoGlove Goes Up for Pre-sale, Ships in May

| March 20, 2017
CaptoGlove Goes Up for Pre-sale, Ships in May 1

One of the latest tools in wearable virtual reality wearable technology, CaptoGlove LLC’s CaptoGlove device has officially gone up for pre-sale and will be shipping in May for early purchasers after being in development for five years.

The CaptoGlove is a wearable virtual reality gaming motion controller made in the form of a sleek glove. With the ability to connect to any PC, mobile or smart device, the CaptoGlove is able to serve as a wireless motion controller. This allows games to be controlled by making simple hand gestures. With a second glove, users will be able to play games using both hands, allowing for more flexibility and an overall more immersive experience. The device is also compatible with all existing VR headsets including the HTC Vive, allowing for full body, hands-free movement.

With no extra hardware or area preparation needed, the CaptoGlove connects to PC and mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and promises to deliver 10 hours of continuous gaming use. The glove is designed for long lasting use and comfort, easily washable by removing an easy to access sensor.

The development of the CaptoGlove began way back in 2011. It was originally designed in order to help stroke victims recover the use of their hands in response to the creator’s father suffered an attack, resulting in losing the use of several body parts. The device made its first public debut five years later at CES, an annual electronics trade show located in Las Vegas where the technology gained a lot of traction for its many potential uses. It was shown again at GDC, a conference focusing on video game developers where the CaptoGlove became even better known.

Starting today, early backers of the Kickstarter will be able to purchase the new piece of virtual reality hardware for $160, a discounted 35 per cent of the $250 retail price.

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