CCP Developers to Face Off Against UFC Fighter at Eve FanFest

| April 22, 2014
CCP Developers to Face Off Against UFC Fighter at Eve FanFest 1

Fans of EVE Online are in for a treat at this year’s EVE Fanfest 2014.

During the EVE of Destruction on Friday, May 2, 10 staff members and special guests will put their fighting skills to the test by facing off against UFC fighter Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson in one-on-one wrestling matches. The event will be streamed live on the company’s Twitch channel.

CCP jokingly claims that this has been a long-planned “shadowy, morally questionable program” that has “mixed genetic manipulation and intense psychological training over many years” in order to prepare their staff members for physical combat against Gunnar.

Called the “single greatest spectacle of athleticism” by EVE Online Community Developer and CCP Fighting Team Coach Sveinn Kjarval, the team has been preparing for the event by training at Nelson’s home gym Mjolnir MMA. The rounds will be won by submission only, with no time limits and only enough time in between rounds to announce the next fighter. According to the press release, Sveinn “promises ‘flailing, half-strength maneuvers’ from his disciples that will ‘possibly, eventually have a 2% chance at best of causing this human tornado of devastation to pause and laugh just long enough that we get super lucky.'”

I sincerely hope they’ve used some of their earnings from EVE Online to invest in ice packs and ibuprofen.

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