Christmas With The Campbells Kicks Off A Unique Holiday Film Season

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Christmas With The Campbells is only one of many mainstream movies looking to make their mark on the Holiday season this year, and its here with a new trailer.

The Christmas season brings the release of numerous holiday films; this one, in particular, brings up a very relatable topic. How does one spend Christmas after a fresh break up? How about with your ex’s family since they won’t be there? Christmas With the Campbells brings holiday cheer with a side of awkward and raunchy situations.

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This adult-centric holiday film takes us on a journey through Jess’ (Brittany Snow) Christmas time with her ex’s parents, who still want to celebrate their holiday season with her since their son will be away. Jess agrees, and this decision makes for many sexual, comedic and awkward situations that bring a new spin to holiday cheer.

The Christmas season is full of holiday romantic comedy movies, but this one has the Vince Vaughn stamp of approval. Christmas with the Campbells is produced by Vince Vaughn, and he states he “was inspired to create the film as his wife is a fan of traditional holiday romantic films.” This film is perfect for couples to watch and relate to together.

While the anticipation for this holiday movie is immense, there are a few more movies that audiences are eager to see. Spirited is a comedic twist on A Christmas Carol starring Ryan Reynolds, a new Christmas movie featuring Will Ferrel that will be released on AppleTV+ on November 18th.

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To keep with the theme of Christmas, there are a few more impending movie releases that can help lift your Christmas spirit. Violent Night is an action-packed thriller about Santa Claus literally saving a family from a violent robbery on Christmas eve.

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A long-awaited sequel that is coming to screens on November 17th, 2022 is the sequel to A Christmas Story; A Christmas Story Christmas. Ralphie is all grown up with a wife and kids and everything that comes with preparing for a fun and successful Christmas celebration. There are many holiday movies soon to be released that will bring holiday cheer to audiences everywhere.

Christmas With The Campbells is set to hit AMC+ on December 2nd.

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