Cineplex Brings Arcade Games and Dining to Downtown Toronto

| Jun 28, 2017
Cineplex Brings Arcade Games and Dining to Downtown Toronto

The area around the CN Tower has always been a hotbed of activity and nightlife in Toronto. From Ripley’s Aquarium to the Rogers Center, to the many restaurants that scatter the area, should you visit, you will not be at a loss to do. As of yesterday, you can add one new thing to that list, the Cineplex Rec Room, a large arcade, dining and drink experience.

Located in the historic Roundhouse, the location that used to be filled with Leon’s Furniture, the Rec Room hopes to bring an upper-class arcade experience for patrons young and old. The rooms are lined with games from all types, including iconic titles such as Mario Kart, Pac-Man, and of course Air Hockey.

Cineplex Brings Arcade and Dining to Toronto Downtown 1

If this was not enough, the Rec Room also features a fully stocked bar that can ensure it would make an ideal date spot or place you can get drinks after work. The wide-ranging menu offers patrons a selection of food from pizza, doughnuts and even an assortment of the iconic Canadian dish, poutine.

Perhaps the most notable feature of The Rec Room is the immersive VR experience called The Void. This area will have a rotating VR game that will bring players into new worlds that will include smells, physical areas and even physical manifestations of the game world. At present, it is featuring a Ghostbusters experience that has the player strapping on the gear, grabbing a proton gun and busting some ghosts. It is something that needs to be tested out for all fans of the franchise.

Cineplex Brings Arcade and Dining to Toronto Downtown

Moving forward, The Rec Room plans to have live bands, private rooms, and pool, making it a great addition to the Toronto landscape, and one that brings back that classic arcade feel that has been lacking in the downtown core for some time now. The Rec Room is located directly across from the CN Tower in the Roundhouse, and a place that is worth a visit should you be in the mood for some dinner and casual gaming fun.

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