Legendary City Builder Anno 1800 Is Landing On Consoles in March

big city builder anno 1800 is landing on consoles in march 23011801 1

Despite recent reports of Ubisoft cancelling titles and Skull and Bones facing another delay, Anno 1800 has been surprisingly revealed for consoles.

For the first time ever in its 25-year-long history, the sprawling Ubisoft city-builder Anno 1800 will finally find a port on home consoles. Disappointingly for previous generation owners, it will be an Xbox Series S/X and PS5 exclusive. While the base game is confirmed for consoles, it remains to be seen as to whether the title will receive its final DLC installment, Season Pass 4, the previous DLC expansions, or anything outside the Deluxe edition — which includes notable cosmetic DLC — that PC players already have access to. The console launch trailer can be seen below.

YouTube video

The trailer shows the player’s ability to transition a forested area into a thriving industrial city in the throes of the revolution, and the standard edition — which includes everything the base game on the PC comes with — can streamline players into the vast building world of Anno 1800 easily. Players have access to a massive single-player story campaign and sandbox, complete with PvP and co-op modes. Players can also start the game where the PC release left off, all quality-of-life improvements made since Anno 1800‘s release has been included.

Big City Builder Anno 1800 Is Landing On Consoles In March 23011801

Another notable feature is Ubisoft’s attention to detail and optimization of the UI for controller input, a huge addition to those who prefer controller settings over mouse and keyboard, similar to how Age of Empires IV will be ported to consoles.

While combining features from all Anno series titles, Anno 1800‘s console experience looks to redefine the last 25 years of Anno history in one tidy place on home consoles. Anno 1800 releases on March 16 for the PS5 and Xbox Series of consoles, and fans can feel free to jump into the already bustling forums for more information and conversation.

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