Co-Creator of The Witcher Creates New Minimalist Tech Company

| December 17, 2018
Co-Creator of The Witcher Creates New Minimalist Tech Company 3

With tech occupying more of our lives each and every day, it’s only natural that ways to prevent it from controlling us have come to market. With 7 years of constant development, the minimalist trend now gathers a global following and with it comes new visions on how to keep a healthy balance between tech and personal enjoyment. Today, a new, familiar face joins the market keen to present new ideas.

Michal Kicinski doesn’t ring a bell, the co-creator of The Witcher franchise himself, after 18 years of hard-work in the gaming industry, has decided to create and reveal his new project, Mudita, a Buddhist term for joy. According to Michal, he stopped working on the franchise in order to “slow things down and find more time for himself” and with it came the idea to create a health-based company that gives new meaning to how consumers interact with their electronics.

Co-founded with Lukasz Anwajler and Tomasz Nosal, founders of the App’n’Roll, a venture building company, Mudita aims to create products that “put physical and mental health first, with a human factor at the core of everything they do.”

Little is known about the exact types of products that Mudita may produce, but with the tech market being as vast as is, opportunities are endless. For now, Mudita has promised to announce its first product at the beginning of 2019 during the CES event happening in Las Vegas.

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