Conan Exiles Early Access Delayed to 2017

| June 22, 2016
Conan Exiles Early Access Delayed to 2017 1

Aspiring barbarians are going to have to wait just a tiny bit longer to start surviving in the vast, open world of Conan.

Announced in a community update by Creative Director Joel Bylos over on Conan Exiles’ Steam Community page, the open world survival game previously set for Early Access release in September has had the service pushed back to January 2017. The sandbox game is Funcom’s first foray into the Conan universe since the 2008 MMORPG, Age of Conan.

Conan Exiles Early Access Delayed 1

“Our observations of Early Access are that it tends to run in two directions. In one case, the games are buggy, unstable and unfinished. In another case, the games are stable, well featured and the community and development team work together to map out the future of the project towards a successful launch. Our aim is to deliver a game that is firmly in the second situation and creates a quintessential Conan experience.” Bylos said in the community update. The team had announced only a couple of weeks ago that the game would be released as part of Steam’s Early Access program. He also cites production schedules and the quality of fan feedback as factors in the decision to push the Early Access date back.

Steam Early Access is a fantastic way for developers to build games alongside players to create the optimal gaming experience, and Funcom is looking to use the service to everyone’s advantage. Conan Exiles will enter Early Access in January 2017.

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