CrossfireX Gets Its Biggest Update, Adding 2 New Maps & Improvements

CrossfireX Gets Its Biggest Update, Adding 2 New Maps & Quality Of Life Improvements

CrossfireX has received several updates to improve the overall gameplay experience and today they have launched the largest one yet, bringing total added maps to 10 along with other improvements.

It’s safe to say Smilegate Game’s most recent published FPS multiplayer title, CrossfireX has not been well received at launch, boasting a mixture of middling to negative reviews on the internet. Six months since launch back in February has shown the developers’ overall dedication to improving user experience. Today, the title receives it largest update yet with a wealth of content and quality improvements to get users back into the fight. For Gamescom’s Opening Night Live 2022, they’ve released a trailer highlighting all of the improvements which can be seen below.

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Notable updates that have been trickled out into the life stream of the title have included eight new maps for multiplayer mayhem, MANY new weapons to defeat adversaries, a necessary shooting range to try out weapons, weapon mastery and other needed improvements over CrossfireX‘s relatively short life span. Today fans get another update complete with new maps and weapons, with even paid single-player episodic stages.

CrossfireX Key Added Features For August 23

Crossfirex Gets Its Biggest Update, Adding 2 New Maps &Amp; Quality Of Life Improvements
  • Two brand new maps, and a reintroduced map: Babylon for the Occupation mode, Satellite for Search & Destroy, and the former Submarine map is making a comeback with Classic Knife-Team Deathmatch.
  • Overall Game Improvements: Better matchmaking is coming to CrossfireX, along with more control customization options available to optimize fans experience. Players will also be able to customize the mini-map.
  • Four New Base Weapons: The AP-45, HAMMER MK2, KALASH-LMG and MODEL 1903 arrive into the firefight, along with 25 new weapon skins and three accessories for players to earn with in-game currency. Players can earn the KALASH-LMG and a weapon skin for it by playing the new Babylon map for over 100 minutes, with a new in-game mission on the map called Rise of Babylon.
  • Players will receive a Free Event Battle Pass and BP EXP Boost Event, allowing players to earn weapon skins, CFP and GP by meeting requirements on the battle pass.
Crossfirex Gets Its Biggest Update, Adding 2 New Maps &Amp; Quality Of Life Improvements

With this latest update, that brings the CrossfireX update number up to seven, after six months of being available. Xbox Game Pass players can receive the first of the new in-game single player stages, Operation Catalyst, for free. Fans looking to stay in the CrossfireX loop, can visit their website for more information.

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