Dead by Daylight Chapter 16 Silent Hill Crossover Announced

Dead by Daylight Chapter 16 Silent Hill Crossover Announced 1

When it comes to the world of asymmetrical multiplayer titles, you’ll be hardpressed to find a game on the same calibre as Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, horror-themed hit.

Celebrating its 4th anniversary and continuing the trend of acquiring cool licenses, Dead by Daylight’s latest content update for chapter 16 will have players enter the fog-drenched world of Silent Hill.

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Talking specifics, the exciting Silent Hill crossover content update will bring with it a fully-realized Midwich Elementary School themed map from the original Silent Hill game, along with the ability to play as Silent Hill 3‘s protagonist, Heather Mason. In terms of the new Killer, players can step into the blood-drenched boots of the iconic—pyramid Head character from Silent Hill 2 (The Executioner). Additionally, Dead by Daylight will see the addition of a brand-new Legendary tier skin unlock, which will debut with a Nurse skin, based on the character Lisa Garland. Finally, Behaviour Interactive promises that other unique cosmetics based on the Silent Hill franchise will be made available when Chapter 16 launches.

If the above wasn’t enough to get any Silent Hills fans’ excited; longtime players will be happy to know that the music for Dead by Daylight’s latest update will be co-produced by Silent Hill veteran, Akira Yamaoka. In other words, Dead by Daylight’s latest update ensures an authentic and atmospheric return to the nightmare world of Silent Hill.

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