Dead by Daylight Unveils New, Original DLC Characters and Map

Dead by Daylight Unveils New, Original DLC Characters and Map

Dead by Daylight is bringing players to South America to introduce two new characters with a creative, emotional storyline.

Halloween has passed but the time for horror games is never really over, just like how Michael Myers keeps surviving. Today, Dead by Daylight has just announced they are going to be available to buy on the Epic Games Store in in late December and Behaviour Interactive developer team has been cooking up a refreshing, original DLC chapter called “Portrait of a Murder.” This new DLC will take place in the Chilean desert, introducing two Latin American characters, one of them being the first Mexican American character to join the game.

Creative Director of Dead by Daylight, Dave Richard, explained how they wanted to go back to the game’s “roots” by creating “original stories” and building upon that universe. It is no surprise the creative team wants to rely on the crutch of other proprieties’ villains like Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street and the Demogorgon from Netflix’s Stranger Things TV series.

Dead By Daylight Unveils New, Original Dlc Characters And Map
Dead by Daylight

This is why the new Killer is going to be “The Artist” who is a gifted tormented named Carmina Mora. Her backstory is quite moving as she want to take her own life, but a flock of crows stopped her and inspired her to make art to expose local corruption.

However, she meets her demise in an abandoned graveyard in the middle of the desert, where kidnappers kill her friends and slit her wrists and chop off her tongue—hoping to silence her provocative artwork. This is when the Entity takes over her and now, she kills anyone who disturbs her new graveyard domain filled with crows.

As for the new Survivor, Portrait of a Murder introduces the Mexican American CIA agent codebreaker, Jonah Vasquez. Like Carmina, he is a genius but with numbers. Similar to the numbers in the TV series, Lost, he sees a sequence numbers since he was a teenager that has followed him to a CIA assignment, leading him to the “lost cemetery in Chile.”

The new map is set in the same cemetery called “The Forsaken Boneyard.” The map almost looks like there is a tall tower overlooking the graveyard.

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The new Dead by Daylight DLC Portrait of a Murder is available this November for $6.99 on the Microsoft Store, Steam (PC) and Stadia. It will be $7.99 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It will be available in the Epic Games Store later in December, most likely at $6.99 since the other two PC stores offer it at that price.

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