Huge Award-Winning Actor Dean Stockwell Died, At 85 Years Old

Award-Winning Actor Dean Stockwell Died, At 85 Years Old

In an acting career that spanned nearly a century, Dean Stockwell leaves behind shoes that are impossible to fill.

Dean Stockwell, most known for his iconic role in the series Quantum Leap, where he starred as Albert “Al” Calavicci from 1989 to 1993, has died.

The actor has credits in film and television that span over 70 years, going back to The Valley of Decision in 1945. He brought a certain tact to his roles, which allowed him to play various characters under a wealth of directors spanning his illustrious career.

Most notably, a more recent role in Battlestar Gallactica, where he played John Cavill, a figure of authority as a disguised Cylon (Number One) who is known for devout beliefs, although he was one of the few Cylon figures to be completely atheist. This dynamic character shows the pure range of Stockwell in an award-winning Sci-fi series.

Dean Stockwell Has Passed Away At The Age Of 85. | Batman News
Dean Stockwell as John Cavill in Battlestar Gallactica

Stockwell also had a devoted following of fans called ‘sassies’ on a website that was determined to chronicle mentions of the late star. The website also featured a quote from Dean Stockwell saying “I value nothing higher than friendship unless it be humanities’ greatest virtue, which is Love.” The website is dedicated to Stockwell’s legacy, and features all the accolades the actor has achieved.

Fans and fellow actors have flocked to social media sites mourning the famous actor. Alex Winter (Bill & Ted) said on Twitter “Dean Stockwell was one of the greatest actors of his generation. Less showboaty and affected than many of his more famous contemporaries, but often more nuanced and interesting.”

After his less than announced retirement from the camera in 2015, Stockwell still made ripples through Hollywood with his memorable scene-stealing roles. Stockwell is survived by his two offspring and will assuredly be missed by all, especially the SciFi and Horror communities of media.

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