Desert Bus for Hope Breaks $500,000 in Record-Breaking Year

Desert Bus for Hope Breaks $500,000 in Record-Breaking Year

It has been a year of broken records for Desert Bus for Hope, the week-long marathon to raise money for the Child’s Play charity by playing the most boring video game ever created.

The marathon broke $100,000 in donations within ten hours of starting, part of which was $35,000 in advanced Desert Bus T-shirt sales from  Donations continued to pour in, leaving this year’s Desert Bus a solid $70,000-$105,000 ahead of last year’s marathon throughout the run.

Desert Bus broke $500,000 in donations on day five midway through the Night Watch shift, which runs from 6:00 PM to midnight PST, when a leather messenger-style bag was live auctioned for $11,111.12, nearly breaking the previous live auction record of $12,000.

With a large burst of donations expected within the last hours of the marathon on day 7, this year’s Desert Bus for Hope is not only on track for beating last year’s total of $730,099.90, but may even break $800,000 in donations for the year.

“When we start the run we never have a specific donation goal in mind.” Explained Serge Yeager “If we raise a few thousand dollars we walk away calling it a success. That being said, we are thrilled to hit half a million dollars. We are very proud of the very generous community that continues to support Child’s Play Charity year after year.”

Desert Bus for Hope will continue through today and tomorrow on Twitch.  All donations go directly to Child’s Play.

DISCLOSURE: The author is a corporate sponsor of Desert Bus for Hope through his publishing company, Legacy Books Press.

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