Dexter Returns in the Revival’s First Teaser

Dexter Morgan is Back to Nature

Dexter Makes His Return in the Revival’s First Teaser 1

Dexter is back in a teaser of the show’s limited revival series which shows off the first look at Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan.

The ‘Misunderstood’ teaser features the titular character who can be seen staring at the snow-filled landscape from his cabin window. He turns to the camera with a creepy smile on his clean-shaven face with Nina Simone’s Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood playing in the background. That’s not the only sound as the muffled sound of someone gagged yelling for help can be heard which you can see through the window reflection in the teaser.

The show follows the titular character, Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter analyst who doubles as a serial killer with a code of killing those who truly deserve it. The show went on an eight-season run and ended in 2013 with a finale that left fans frustrated. Dexter faked his death and went into a self-imposed exile under a new name, he could be seen sporting a beard while working as a lumberjack in Oregon. 

After seven years, this past October Showtime announced that the series would be getting a limited revival series. Before the 30-second teaser was an enigmatic voiceover teaser, the focus of it was on an axe stuck in a tree stump and a fire burning in the background. The short teaser hinted at where Michael C. Hall’s character was hiding out while focusing on ‘nature’.

“There really is nothing like getting back to nature… MY nature,” Hall says while portraying Dexter Morgan in the voiceover.

The show’s ninth season takes place in a small town in New York and is set ten years after the ending of the show. The true final season will have Clyde Phillips return as the showrunner with Clancy brown cast as the season’s villain, Kurt Caldwell. He is the New York town’s de facto mayor and isn’t a man that should be crossed.

Dexter’s 10-episode limited revival series is being marketed as the final chapter and will premiere this fall on Showtime. 

Dennis B Price
Dennis B Price

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