Diamond Comics to Distribute Relativity Universe Saga

Diamond Comics to Distribute Relativity Universe Saga 1

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the world’s largest distributor of English language comics, is set to be the supplier of TITAN1STUDIOS Relativity Universe series. Starting with their first sci-fi graphic adventure series, Knight Guardians of Relativity.

Knight Guardians of Relativity, is set in the year 2226. Mankind has discovered time travel and has turned it into the universe’s greatest weapon. Time travel has spurred a series of cataclysmic wars which brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Most of the world is now inhabitable due to radiation and pollution. Rising from the ashes, a group of men and women called the Knight Guardians was established. Their mission, to safeguard mankind and stop evil doers from obtaining temporal time travel. For 60 years they protected the world, until one of them is mysteriously murdered.

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TITAN1STUDIOS is a Toronto-based indie publisher and new media production house founded by Canadian Producer and Entrepreneur Rathan Moorthy, and specializing in branded content across digital, print, TV, radio and emerging media. Knight Guardians of Relativity is the studios’ first foray into publishing and clearly signals their intention to be a dominant player in the industry.  TITAN1STUDIOS is ready to roll out the Relativity Universe across an array of media platforms, where comics are just the beginning; the team is already working on multiple titles, a Virtual Reality video game and animated series.

Not a small undertaking for this Canadian startup, as the Relativity Universe includes a combined effort of dozens of creative and talented media minds from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Spain. Written by Taran Chadha (Creative Director at TITAN1STUDIOS) and award-winning Harper Collins novelist Gareth Roberts (Whatever Happened to Billy Parks?). Illustrated by Abel Garcia (Image Comics), Ruben Rojas, Miko Maciaszek (former New York Times and Globe and Mail illustrator) and Gabe Sapienza. Colourized by Irma Kniivila (Ms. Marvel, Joyride, Batman vs. Superman)Lettered by Simon Bowland (James Bond, Cry Havoc, Mycroft Holmes). The story universe also features the work of Marvel artists Scott Hepburn (Drax) and Ken Lashley (Uncanny X-Men), along with Richard Pace (Bloodthirsty), Ty Templeton (Batman ‘66), and Boom! Studios colourist Adam Metcalffe (Lucas Stand).

“This is not just another time travel franchise — it’s about the devastating impact time travel can have on the world. We’ve created multicultural characters, representative of the world today, with a concerted effort to develop strong, complex female leads,” says Chadha. “Through the powerful combination of writers and artists, we’ve created a strong story platform with epic artwork throughout the series.”

This is a major deal for the Toronto-based indie publishing company as they will be working with the company that has exclusive distributing of major publishers such as Marvel, DC and Dark Horse Comics.

Jay Spence, Brand Manager at Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. said that Diamond Comic Distributors was pleased to welcome TITAN1STUDIOS to their distribution family. He also said he was excited to offer such a creative and vibrant new publisher to their retailers.  Knight Guardians of Relativity can be pre-ordered from comic shops around the world with order code: NOV161908 for issue #1 and DEC161896 for issue #2, with general retail availability in January and February 2017 respectively.

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